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On October 25, 2008 Kirk Pedersen’s tree stand collapsed upon stepping on it. He fell 20 feet to the ground and was knocked unconscious. Upon awakening he could not move or feel below his shoulders. Because of this, Kirk waited another 6.5 hours for a search party of police, fire, EMS, family, and friends to find him. The following morning, Kirk underwent surgery to fuse his fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. His current injury classification is an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, C5, ASIA Level B.

Kirk is a physical education teacher at Walled Lake Central High School in Walled Lake, Michigan. Year after year he has taught his students the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle. Countless times over the years he has professed his love for teaching and how fortunate he feels to be an educator.

Throughout the years he has continually placed other’s well being before his own. Each month he selects a different charity to make a donation. In addition, he has donated countless service hours to local and state groups and organizations. Kirk has served as a vital asset to the community in which he lives and works.

Thousands of students and a multitude of friends and family members have been influenced by Kirk in an extremely positive way. And now, in his greatest time of need, an opportunity has arisen for us to give something back. We all look forward to the day in which Kirk will reach the summit of his latest challenge. We hope you will join us to participate in the amazing journey.


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